DeWick Tenor

A rare banjo, this DeWick was formerly part of the Tsumura Collection.

Product Price: $675.00

Banjo Description


Ever heard of DeWick banjos? Me either! This banjo is the only one I’ve seen. It was formerly part of the foremost collection of banjos in the world, owned by Akira Tsumura. (I highly recommend this amazing book, but you can’t buy them cheap!)

This banjo features a unique, flat flange, with f-holes. It has a simple rolled tone ring, and a 6 section “pie pattern” resonator, reminiscent of the Vega resonators. It has lovely purfling around the edge of the pot, and its case is in pretty good shape.

The finish is cracked on the resonator, and de-laminating a bit over the headstock inlay. But the wood is all in good shape. It has the original friction tuners, and is set up as a very playable banjo, with a Renaissance head and a Mike Keys bridge.

If you want to own a very unique banjo, with a storied history, this might be the one!

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Product Features

Manufacturer DeWick
Vintage unknown
Frets 19
Condition Fair
Tone Ring Simple Rolled Brass
Tuners Original Friction
Head Remo Renaissance
Case Vintage Case - in good shape