Unmarked (Slingerland) Tenor

This is an unmarked, open back, tenor banjo made by Slingerland, likely in the 1920s.

Product Price: $400.00
SKU: slingerland

Banjo Description


This banjo is unmarked, but the inlay pattern and hardware make it almost certain that it was made by Slingerland in the 1920s.

This is a good sized banjo for a smaller person. It has some nice wood purfling around the edge of the rim. It has a vintage vellum (skin) head on it, which gives it a warm, plunky sound. The tuners are original friction tuners. (A new head can be added for $50 and geared tuners for $75).

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Product Features

Manufacturer Unmarked (likely Slingerland)
Vintage 1920s
Frets 17
Condition fair
Tone Ring Simple Rolled Brass
Tuners Original Friction
Head Vellum (Calf Skin)
Case None